Strong and Accurate Performance, MINDs Lab STT STT Speech To Text

MINDs Lab’s STT engine transcribes speeches into texts quickly and accurately.
Accompanied by Deep Neural Network, MINDs Lab’s STT is specialized in Korean and English.
It is applicable to broad industry sectors by transcribing the speech of the users on a real-time basis or converting existing recordings to texts.


Speech Recognition (English)
Minds Lab’s own English STT engine has gone through training for thousands of hours, so it has become smart enough to recognize different accents.
Click ‘ Record’ button and start speaking.
Recording is in progress.
Press stop button to start conversion.
Voice Conversion is in progress. Please wait.
Uploading files
Please try our STT by uploading recording files.
  • For demo version, recording files in English are currently in service.
  • Only files with mp3, wav, pcm forms are in service.
  • Please remove all special characters or spaces in file names.
Click ‘upload’ button and upload recording files.
Voice Conversion is in progress. Please wait.

MINDs Lab’s STT engine is one of the best performing STT engines in Korea supported by Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute of Korea.



Accurate recognition of Korean language
MINDs Lab’s STT engine has learned the vocabulary and the language model specialized in Korean, and it makes our engine better performance than the competitors.
Strong Performance of Deep Learning
By using the best DNN in the industry, MINDs Lab’s STT accurately matches the waveform of the speakers with the texts.
Customizing the engine specific to different industries.
MINDs Lab’s STT has completed the train for more than 1,000 hours. Not only has it been a massive amount of data but also, they are from diverse industries. With the additional training, we can customize the engine even further that perfectly fits the client’s business.
Voice recognition with noise
Equipped with the noise-canceling feature from ETRI, MINDs Lab’s STT distinguishes human voice even when there is a noise.
Real-time transcribing
MINDs Lab STT offers the real-time streaming. Whether it is the conversation presently going on or the voice recordings, the users can receive the transcribed texts offered by API.
MINDs Lab’s STT engine is applicable to voice search, data analysis and speech recognition system in industries such as trade, logistics, Information Technology and many others.


Cloud (SaaS)

STT 아이콘

Speech To Text (STT)

monthly payment
¢2 / minute
First 60 Mins
Ask for the quote

* Currency in USD

  • The basic models for the STT API are contact center uses and general uses. (Users need to choose one option)
  • The customized model requires an extra training, and the price is subject to consultation.
  • Quote inquiry for enterprise software license, please contact our sales team (
  • Refund and exchange are available for three months, and the service provider has a right to refuse such services beyond that period.

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